Getting Things Done Using Notebooks

Most of the ideas I discuss here come from David Allen’s Getting Things Done book, which I highly recommend. I implement his ideas using an Apple iPhone/iPad/Mac app called Notebooks by Alfons Schmid.

The challenge: you want all your Next Actions in one list, but you also want them recorded inside your project.

  • Enter the task in the main page of a project
  • Precede the entry with a pre-selected character such as @
  • Notebooks will copy the task to a preselected book, such as Next Actions

Let’s say you have a Project called Pool. It has a page with a list of actions to bring up your pool in the Spring. You want to record the actions in the Chron page but you also want them in your Next Actions book, where you can see them all together.

This is what you do in the Chron:


Do you see those two items with the @ sign? Notebooks automatically places them on your Next Actions list:


If you don’t need to do the Action today you can change the date and time.

Here’s what David Allen says:

Organizing Project Reminders
Creating and maintaining one list of all your projects (that is, again, every commitment or desired outcome that may require more than one action step to complete) can be a profound experience!


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