A Corner of Your Own

Virginia Woolf famously said “a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” We all need a place to call our own, be it a whole room or simply a desk and computer that is completely our own, not shared with anyone. When I was younger and had kids at home it was a hard boundary to guard. The kids knew that my desk was the place where there was always clean paper, scissors, everything they needed and couldn’t find in their messy rooms. Even my husband would give in to temptation sometimes, with regrettable results. I now have one pristine area in each home.

David Allen, of Getting Things Done fame, says:

Random lists strewn everywhere, meeting notes, vague to-dos on Post-its on their refrigerator or computer screens …

Most homemakers won’t necessarily need a large area to manage their workflow, but having enough of a discrete space dedicated to the processing of notes, mail, home and family projects and activities, finances, and the like is critical.

Traditionally it was harder for a homemaker to have a corner of her own. Many women’s desks were placed by designers in the kitchen, as if that was the only room of our own. And I guess it often was.

But now retirees, male or female, who have been used to having all their tools in the office, feel disorganized at home, because the tools are not gathered together in a private space.

What he says about homemakers applies to retirees as well.

So I suggest, nay, I demand, that you get your own space and set serious boundaries around it. Just like in an office, where co-workers would never presume to use your desk.

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